Whiteboard Animation Videos

Key Features

130 seconds of video footage
180 words of text
Color shooting
Voice over
Illustrated backgrounds
Music, sound, and design included
Original designs included
Unlimited revisions
Turn around time of 2 days.

Whiteboard Animation
Whiteboard Animation

How It Works?

At 3D Cartel, we have content creation teams who will create whiteboard animation videos that will bring your real estate agency to life for your prospects and customers. Expect to see your rankings, traffic, and conversion rates soar. Also, expect to see your revenue streams and profit margins skyrocket.

Our teams can make whiteboard animation videos explaining complex concepts and deep topics in terms and with words that a four-year-old could easily understand.

We use the latest in software to create intriguing and informative videos full of useful content that is self-explanatory and converts quickly and easily. Topics that our teams have mastered include:
Tips on virtually staging a home for shorter listing times.

Advise when researching the ideal real estate agent. Decoding similar properties with similar listing prices in terms of value

What's in it for you?


List and sell properties at higher asking prices.

Greater ROI

Get a competitive edge

Have attractive properties that get more hits immediately

Endless design options and plans

Why Us?

So, why choose our content creation teams instead of the other guy down the street? Don’t all realtors offer the same quality and type of whiteboard animation videos? No, that’s where you’re wrong. You need quality videos with the best resolution that explain what your agency is about, the value of your services, and why you’re the best choice for your customers. You also need to explain exactly how your services will help them. Our content creation teams hit those points and more on the bull’s eye!