Property Website and Landing Page Development

Key Features

  • Custom landing page design with your inputs
  • Responsive design
  • Prototype
  • Source file
  • Content upload
  • Convert to CSS/HTML
  • 2 pages per site
  • Unlimited revisions
Property Website and Landing Page Development

That said, good examples of content to
post on these types of landing pages are:




How to guides

Blog posts

Downloadable PDF guides

Matterport Virtual Staging

Your real estate company won’t go far without a website that has a landing page. Yes, the industry is that competitive. If your website has a landing page, you’ll have an easier time collecting names and various types of contact information. Those are real and marketable leads! In general, websites that use landing pages have much higher traffic and conversion rates than those that don’t!
Trust our digital marketing teams to create stellar and professional-looking landing pages that will turn
your site and company into a lead generation magnet just a few weeks after launching.

Why Hire Us?

Why You Can’t do Without a Landing Page

Many people need to buy a property, but not all do not need to buy the properties you list. You need to target the right people, and landing pages will help you do that. People will gladly exchange their contact information for something they can use. That something can be access to active listing searches, calculators, home valuators, and how-to guides for buying and selling properties.

What You’ll Get From a Landing Page?

There are three landing page formats out there that are tried and true when getting you quality leads.

Home Search Landing Pages

We build these types of landing pages when we want to generate lots of potential buyers leads for you. Keep in mind that you will not have high sales rates with these pages. Your ads will be clicked on much more often. You’ll also get much more traffic within a few weeks of launching the page.

These target people who are interested in buying your clients’ homes. Potential buyers can browse through your page for potential properties of interest. It’s a great page if you want to generate a huge following that will eventually convert.

Home Value Landing Pages

You’ll get contact information from potential clients. They generate at least decent to high sales percentages. These pages are seller generation magnets since they let sellers make an accurate educated guess of their homes’ worth before approaching a realtor to list them.
You’ll get lots of information about home values, and that will help you out tremendously when listing the homes. Sellers will be easier to convert since you didn’t pressure them into making a commitment to sign with your services when they visited your landing page. They’ll trust and like you; those are two necessary ingredients when closing deals.