2D Animation Videos

You’ll find that you’ll have much more receptive audiences of buyers and sellers who will be eager to close deals much faster and at prices that are much higher than the original listing price!

Key Features

  • High quality HD 2D cartoon videos that are between a minute to a minute and a half long

Why are 2D Animation Videos Important?

More and more millennials comprise the current buyers and sellers in today’s real estate market, and they are very digitally oriented. For example, they prefer to find and interact with realtors online. Another distinguishing factor of millennials is that they prefer to view properties in 2D before making a decision to close on a particular property.

That’s why 2D animation videos are important if you’re a real estate agent. They can and will make the difference between your properties selling immediately or staying on the market for several months!

Why Us?

Your satisfaction is our command. We always design and shoot footage to suit your needs and specifications. That way, you’ll always have the peace of mind that our videos are innovative and will sell your properties in a heartbeat!


These types of videos highlight a property’s best features. In the process, they play around with the buyer’s emotions and excite his or her imagination. The buyer will gladly see him or herself as a proud owner of an outstanding property. These videos also show buyers what it will be like to live in the property.  In short, 2D animation videos help real estate agents sell properties faster.

Since it only involves two dimensions, length and width, it’s akin to watching a traditional kid’s cartoon show. Also, 2D animation can’t offer the details in a property that 3D animation can. It’s these details that motivate buyers to close a deal on a particular property.

Yes, they do. The stats prove that. Real estate listings with any type of video tend to get 403% more clicks than those without videos. That represents more opportunities for real estate agents to close deals and faster!

At least 3-7 minutes. However, follow the golden rule and never shoot a video that’s more than 10 minutes long.

Benefits of 2D Animation Videos

Sell your properties faster and at higher than listing price

2D Animation videos highlight a property’s key features. These are features that may not be as visible with regular pictures in magazines or online, even if they’re edited or enhanced.  That’s especially true with our 2D Animation videos. You’ll find that our videos will position you as the respected and go-to authority in your vicinity.

Be the odd-man out

Being different can sometimes be good, and that’s especially true in this instance. Your competitors may not be using 2D Animation videos, so now is your chance to stand out with our state-of-the-art technologies. You can present properties in a new light and make sellers want to snap them up on the spot!

Go further

Unlike as is the case with traditional marketing or even online marketing, 2D Animation videos can be used anywhere. That will be handy for you if you’re contemplating expanding your practice to other locations around the world. People are visually oriented, so they’ll always welcome a great video that shows properties in innovative and unique ways.

Be where the buyers and sellers are

Most buyers and sellers are online, so 2D Animation videos (combined with great social media marketing) is a great way to be in front of and connect with your target audiences in newer and more intimate ways!