Virtual Renovation

Key Features

Affordable virtual renovation services

Turnaround time within two business days 48 hours

Unlimited revisions

100% customer satisfaction

virtual renovation
virtual renovation

Why Virtual Renovation?

Use our virtual renovation services to recreate your customers’ ideal homes, excite their imaginations, and inspire their curiosities.

We will change and update different properties’ structural features to bring them up to code and make them look modern and more liveable.

Our services include updating and changing flooring, and walls, changing wall and room paints, kitchen remodeling, updating drywall and ceilings and renovating or repairing backyards, and more!

We can do the virtual renovation that will make any property appealing to different generations of buyers with various tastes and preferences in style and design.

What's in it for you?


List and sell properties at higher asking prices.

Greater ROI

Get a competitive edge

Have attractive properties that get more hits immediately

Endless design options and plans

Why Us?

We’ll work with you to renovate your property to attract the most number of buyers willing to pay top dollar
for it. Other reasons why you should choose us:
Greater buyer interest
Fewer days on the market for unfinished properties
A multitude of design options
Better and longer listings


It sells unfinished properties faster by allowing buyers to visualize them as finished and functional

Ideally, we want them to be between 1 and 10 MB. For best results, have a professional photographer
take the photos.

No, all of our renovation work is done virtually.

We’ll need high-resolution images and a reference design style with notes for any specific requirements
for us to get the look and design you want.

We work with commercial and residential properties.

Yes, some examples are decks, patios, pool sides, porches, and gazebos. We can also change the
landscaping and exterior of a building.

Don’t worry, we’ll edit the photos for you. Just keep in mind that we may charge a fee for doing so.

Yes, you can choose from our portfolio of the most popular contemporary designs. Our designers will guide you if you’re ever stumped. Some of our most popular designs are Contemporary, Glam, Scandinavian, Farmhouse, Modern, Traditional, Industrial, and Coastal.

Yes, we will only charge you for the areas that we virtually renovate.

Yes, you can make unlimited revisions. We won’t charge for them.

No, we don’t. However, you can choose your own photographer.

It takes approximately two business days to process an order. We can do a rush delivery within 24 hours,
but we charge a nominal fee for that.

We email the pics to you on your registered email address.

We need perfect photos and that’s why we ask that you upload many photos so that we can choose the
best ones.

Virtual renovation modifies the form of a room – a good example would be adding a bathroom. Virtual
renovation repairs what a room already has and makes it look better.

Usually, two business days! We can do a rush delivery of 24 hours, but we charge a small fee!