Email Marketing

Key Features

  • 15 flows
  • 10 well-written and effective emails in each flow
  • Turn around time of 48 hours

Why Email Marketing?

If you’re not doing email marketing, you need to start doing it. Here are some pleasantly surprising facts about email marketing:

  • 40% of B2B marketers use email marketing as a strategic and effective marketing tool
  • 73% of millennials prefer email marketing
  • 99% of customers check their email daily and prefer to receive marketing communication through email.

But, just any email marketing won’t do. You need to ‘do it the right way for it to be useful. Unless you’re an Internet guru with sound business acumen and industry knowledge, you’ll need to hire the pros to do email marketing for you.

Matterport Virtual Staging

However, don’t just hire any company. Sure, every digital marketing agency claims to do effective email marketing. But they need to follow some steps to do it right, no pun intended. A company that botches up email marketing campaigns can actually cost you future customers. The good news is that we know how to do email marketing right, because we always do the following!

Why Hire Us?

Personalization matters

Our marketing emails are targeted since they’re personalized. People are bombarded with all types of informal and generally targeted marketing messages every day. It’s often a breath of fresh air to receive a marketing message with a personal touch.

Our marketing emails are more than customized. They speak to the reader like a real person and result in far higher open and read-through rates. For example, we always include a gesture as minor yet meaningful as including the person’s full name in the subject line.

We create emails that result in more engagement. You’ll see the results in more web traffic and conversions in just a few weeks!

They Get the Word Straight from the horse’s mouth

Our marketing emails come with surveys and ask for feedback regarding the real customer experience. That’s invaluable since it tells you what you need to improve upon and fine-tune in your business operations.

You’ll always have an accurate and real-time Net Promoter Score (NPS) when you choose us for your email marketing needs. You’ll know which of your customers are your brand ambassadors. You can turn them into brand promoters.

Make more money

You make more money by selling more! It’s that simple. Our marketing emails will dramatically increase your conversion rates by offering upsells through complimentary products when your customers make a purchase. We create marketing emails that drastically lower your abandoned cart rates and percentages. You can also hire us to rekindle old relationships or to convince existing customers to buy much more from you more often.


According to 59% of marketers, email marketing results in a  760% increase in sales and improves their ROI considerably. Yes, we can deliver those types of results for you!

Interact with your audience

You’ve heard of phrases like social distancing and contactless delivery. While this world may seem much more remote and impersonal, that’s still far from true. People crave human interaction and the emotions that result. You can create that type of interaction through our email marketing services.


We’ll create witty, informative, useful, and persuasive content that will speak to all customers and motivate key customers, like brand ambassadors and loyal customers, to promote your brand even more.

Drive droves more traffic to your site

You need that since it results in more conversions immediately. Trust our email marketing campaigns to accomplish that.  We will include the right content with strategic keywords in the right places and subtle but effective and powerful calls to action!

Time is money

Timing is crucial in business since marketing campaigns launched at the right time lead to high revenue streams, profit margins, and an exceptionally high ROI. Unlike as is the case with other marketing campaigns, we can launch effective email marketing campaigns in the right place and at the right time to deliver optimal results.

Turn your business into a lead generation machine

The truth is that organic traffic only goes so far in generating conversions. You need to do lots of good old-fashioned lead generation for that. Our digital marketing teams know how to create and launch slick and professional email marketing campaigns that will turn your business into a lead-generation machine.

Market to your customers

Email marketing is only effective when it reaches the right people when they’re ready to buy. Trust our email marketing campaigns to do exactly that.