3D Cartel is one of the pioneers architectural animation studio in the real estate industry. We have succeeded where others have failed by providing a vast range of quality services in the architectural, real estate, and related sectors. We’ve been around for decades and we have an impressive list of satisfied clients in our portfolio. Some of our many service offerings


3D Architectural Rendering

With it comes to preserve promotional activities in architectural structuring, 3D exterior rendering ends up being the most vital thing. Today, 3D architectural animation has turned into a critical part in the advancement of organisations and land ventures.


3D Walkthrough Animation

3D Walkthrough / Flythrough animation films are based on animation technology and it is used to make the designs livelier as well as interactive. Under this technology, our experts make effective use of communication and visual presentation tools to provide a realistic 3D idea of the client’s construction project.


3D Product Model

Under 3D Modeling, 3D Cartel ensures proper analyzing of interior designs and its scheduling. It includes preparing the 3D Model by using latest range of tools and technology, where the objects used in the model can both animate as well as in animate


Miniature / Scale Model

3D Cartel is offers high-quality Physical Models. Our working models and miniatures with interactive control help you making your clients understand the final product. These highly detailed and precise architectural scale models are designed using the latest technology in order to meet the specific requirements of our prestigious clients.


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Architectural Exteriors


Architectural Interiors

Walktrough Animation


Physical Scale Model


360 Panorama


Virtual Reality

augment reality

Augmented Reality


Furniture Rendering

Property Website and Landing Page Development

Web Development

Our Services

Physical Model


Visualize Your Projects In Four Simple Steps



Start by uploading elevations, material references, view angles and floor plans to provide us sufficient information to estimate cost and timeline. We can work from pdf, dwg, SketchUp/Revit 3D Model, hand drawn sketches and site images. Reference images will help a lot.



A written Proposal will be emailed within 24 hrs. Work will begin after receiving your signed approval. 40% Deposit will be charged for projects under $500. A 50% deposit is required for projects over $500.



Proof Rendering will be sent for your comments and markups. Free minor revisions on materials and color.



Once you are satisfied with proof renderings. We will start to render the high resolution final rendering and process post works. The final rendering will be delivered upon full payment is received.


Year Exprience




Happy Clients



What Our Client's Says

Leo White

I am so pleased with my order from 3d Cartel which was delivered yesterday. Thank you for sending it so quickly. Looking forward now to the other stuff I ordered!

Cameron Wright

I can honestly say that there is not one company that I've ever worked with that has better service than 3DCartel. Affordable, stylish, awesome service. I just love 3dCartel Service

Jacob Davis

3d Service is absolutely my favourite shop! Team of 3dCartel is very supportive, I can always find something I love! I appreciated your personal note too

Shams Bros

I highly recommend 3dCartel. It has been so important for us as we continue to grow our company. I don’t need to spend as much time in meetings now that we use 3dCartel.

Pawel Neo

If you are a business owner, and you don't have 3dCartel in your toolkit just yet, I highly recommend that you check it out.

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    About Real Estate Agencies

    Yes, your home needs to be in decent shape if you want to attract buyers within six months to a year!

    1. Make sure you clean your house thoroughly. Also, repair little things like white appliances in the kitchen or broken doors/windows. These may seem to be trivial things, but meaningful repairs and a presentable house will increase your home’s value and help it sell faster (for a higher listing price!)

      Hint:  if you’re going to paint your house, be sure to choose a neutral color like beige or white. Houses with neutral interiors tend to sell faster and at a higher listing price.

      You’ll need to remove any and all reminders of your personal life. That means getting rid of pictures and knick knacks since you want to allow the home’s natural ambience to create an environment and feel that’s right for potential homebuyers. In essence, these buyers must be able to see your old house as a place that they can call home and grow in.
    1. Your home will typically take between a month and a month and a half to sell. However, your home could sell in a few days in a super hot market.
    1. Real estate professionals use sophisticated computer models to create realistic images of houses – furnished or not – to help them (houses) sell faster. These professionals use Computer Aided Designs (CAD) to do that. The professionals can make a house look more appealing and help it sell faster by enhancing key features like lighting, textures, colors, materials, etc.

    The time it takes to do 3D rendering of a property depends on many factors, including:

      1. The detail the property needs to sell quickly
      2. Whether the real estate agent needs to stage unique features or pieces of furniture in the property
      3. The type of decor that the real estate agent needs to stage in the property.
    1. Real estate professionals find that they can use 3D rendering to make virtual showings and walkins of properties look more appealing and professional. 3D rendering in real estate can include, but is not limited to:
      1. Still renderings
      2. Floor plans
      3. Panoramic renderings

    Real estate professionals use 3D rendering for a variety of purposes:

    1. 3D CGI Imagery/Exterior images – you can create marketing images that will help your client’s properties sell for a higher price faster.
    2. 3D CGI Imagery/Interior Images – use 3D imagery to show very detailed images of the exterior and interior of your clients’ properties to reduce their overall time on the market and increase their overall listing prices. You can fully furnish the insides and outsides of these properties using 3D CGI Imagery’s vast library of furniture. You can even completely change the properties’ external and internal appearances by mixing and matching furniture and color schemes.
    3. 2D and 3D Floor plans – you can use these types of floor plans to give your customers an accurate and bird’s eye view of what the properties will look like when they move in and furnish them (the properties.) These floor plans will motivate your clients to close deals faster by allowing them to view properties that they can not only call home, but can grow in and build dreams in.
    4. 3D Photomontage – real estate agents use these to speed up the approval time from councils for various residential and commercial properties.
    5. 3D animation – this feature will bring your properties to life and allow your clients to realistically view and imagine themselves living in these properties. 3D animation motivates clients to have shorter closing times and accept higher listing prices.
    1. The phrase, “You get what you pay for” applies well to 3D rendering. You won’t pay much for a rush job, but don’t expect your properties to sell quickly or at anywhere near listing price.

      You may have to pay more for a quality 3D rendering job, but you can expect more buyers, shorter times on the market, and bids for prices that are much higher than the listing price.

      By paying more for 3D rendering, you avoid the headache and added costs of rework that a cheap rendering job often brings. You will get properties that are virtually shown in intimate detail and according to your specifications.

    The price you will pay for a 3D rendering job depends on many factors, including the amount of detail you want in the property, how complex you need the property to be, the type of features, interior design, and furniture you want the exterior and interior of the property to display, and how many unique elements (unique furniture and/or fixtures) you need in the property.

    1. The 3D rendering process consists of many steps. It’s time to list these in chronological order:
      1. The real estate agent will ask you for a list of requirements needed to do 3D rendering right. These consist of the following:
        1. The requested views of the property
        2. Computer Aided Designs (in .dwg format)
        3. The colors and material samples to be put in and around the properties
        4. Landscape styles
        5. The time of day the properties are to be shown
        6. The timelines for the project
        7. The images (from printed publications, the Internet, etc…) to be used for the properties.
        8. We will require a 20% fee to start the project.
      2. The second step is to review the list of submitted requirements – as a real estate staging company, the first thing we do in this step is to select an angle to view the property requirements at. Keep in mind that the angle must be meaningful since it’s set (unchangeable) once selected.
      3. The third step is to work on landscape and lighting – we will fully furnish the house and add all necessary fixtures to virtually stage the house to make it sell quickly.
      4. The fourth step is the delivery of the 3D rendering project – we will create the HD resolution of the images after we get your final approval. Keep in mind that the turnaround time may be 2-3 days.
    2. Definition of 3D Animation – 3D animation can make stationary objects look realistic and it can act as a real aide in the real estate sales process. Our process consists of filming the property as it’s being virtually staged. The intent is to give you a vision as to what the finished property will look like. We will take constant 3D aerial views of the property to allow you to understand what the property will realistically look like from the outside once construction is finished.

    Creating 3D animations – we use cameras to create several still that can be combined to give you a realistic overview of the property.


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