Real Estate Video Editing

Key Features

  • Camera shake removal
  • Free music tracks (original music)
  • Watermarks with your logo
  • Dynamic video transitions
  • Quality scenes
  • Address and introduction additions
  • Video music syncs
  • Color corrections
  • Subtitles
  • Shorter videos
  • Video enhancements

About Real Estate Video Editing Services

You can create realistic and appealing videos that close deals faster with our real estate video editing tool. These videos will become an integral part of your marketing strategies. We’ll provide you with professional videos within two business days. We also guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Real estate videos add that extra oomph to properties that convince buyers to act immediately. No real estate agent seriously sells properties without using videos today, and you shouldn’t, either. Videos bring a property to life, allowing the prospective buyer to envision him or herself living in the property. Videos make the average property look stunning and much more appealing. We edit real estate videos at 3D Coastal. Our teams bring out the best and most appealing in properties.

Why Us?

Why go with our real estate video editing services instead of those from the competition? We‘ll make your brand stand out in today’s hyper-competitive real estate market. Our videos will also give you that appealing edge that other realtors may lack to help you close more deals and list more properties faster.

Other reasons why we are the best are:

  • Make listings more appealing and visible quickly
  • Build a strong personal brand
  • Generate the best leads
  • Attract younger audiences


You need videos since they help busy people visualize living in your properties better. That motivates
them to buy the property faster.

You can send the videos in any type of format. We have the technologies and abilities to edit all of them.

We edit videos for residential and commercial properties.

We need a briefing to understand how you want us to edit your videos.

It’s an invaluable marketing tool that helps real estate professionals and people like you list and sells properties faster by increasing buyer engagement. It’s done through virtual tours, video ads, personal branding, social media, and client testimonial videos.

Yes, you can use videos to sell more properties faster and at higher prices. According to the latest statistics, 73% of homeowners prefer to list with a real estate agent who uses videos and video marketing strategies to sell properties.

The following real estate professionals need to use video editing services and video marketing strategies:

  • Real estate agents
  • Real estate owners
  • Real estate brokers
  • Realtors

Since you’ll stand out and be more competitive with real estate videos, we’d like to offer you some pointers when you’re creating videos:

  • Property Listing videos
  • Real Estate Listing Videos
  • Personal Branding Videos
  • Real Estate Testimonial Videos
  • Neighborhood and Surrounding Areas
  • Real Estate Tips Videos
  • Guided Tour Videos